Finding cures for blinding eye diseases

The Gift of Sight Appeal was established with the aim of funding world-class research into the prevention and treatment of blindness. Our research into Age-related macular degeneration could also provide therapies for other blinding retinal diseases.

Help cure childhood blindness

Receiving an eye examination to check for childhood eye disease

Your donations will help us to support research into eye problems which affect all age ranges. Please read on to find out about our childrens' research new projects and how you can help today.

Age-related macular degeneration

Receiving an eye examination to check for macular degeneration

The Gift of Sight Appeal funds research into Age related macular degeneration and other blinding retinal diseases. Please read on to find out about the critical research projects led by Professor Andrew Lotery.

The Gift of Sight research team is dedicated to furthering our understanding of the causes and treatments for blinding eye diseases. Our adult ocular stem cell and gene therapy programmes are gaining momentum towards future therapies and treatments. With your support we aim to ensure vision into the future for those who are suffering today. Details of our most recent research papers can be found here.

Professor Andrew Lotery is leading a collaborative multi-centre Phase 3 study into the use of lampalizumab which it hoped will slow the progression of 'Dry' age-related macular degeneration. Please see our 'News & Events' page for further details.

If you have been diagnosed with eye disease and are likely to be making more visits to Southampton Eye Unit you may find our video interesting.

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Age related macular degeneration is the commonest cause of blindness in the UK