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Eye Biobank

Our research team need fresh eye tissue in order to understand how diseases can change the structure of the eye.  A process is being put in place to ensure that all ethical points of this new facility are adhered to and a Participant Information Sheet has been added below.  To contact the Eye Bank Administrator please see our 'Contact us' page.

The causes of eye diseases are numerous, varied and currently many are poorly understood.  They affect people of all ages and can cause problems with vision in babies and young children, through every decade and are often the cause of isolation and fractures in the elderly.


The Southampton Eye Biobank received seed funding from Gift of Sight, a charity established to fund world class research into the prevention and treatment of blindness. Led by a number of key Vision Science investigators, the SEB will provide samples to enable research into many areas of eye disease, such as the genetics that cause them, how the diseases progress, how to improve the lives of the children and adults who have them, and how to treat them. A better understanding of these aspects will enable more treatment options for individuals affected.


There are a number of people who generously wish to donate their eyes after death so that others can benefit. This facility will ensure that even if people are unable to donate for transplant purposes, they will be able to fulfil their wishes to help others through research, both within the NHS and commercial companies with the aim of improving future diagnostics and treatment of eye disease.


We are currently in the process of setting up ways for you to contact the team with any questions you may have about the Eye Biobank. In the meantime, please email our co-ordinator Janice Parmenter at and she will do her best to answer any questions.  A copy of our Participant Information Sheet can be viewed below.