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AMD - grid test for vision

Checking your vision

Many people attend the Eye Casualty unit in Southampton because of accidents in the home (canes securing plants in the garden, not wearing goggles for household tasks using drills etc.).  Please ensure that you protect yourself from these dangers by wearing goggles.

Regular eye checks with your Optician will pick up signs of most diseases so please do make sure that you keep up with your appointments, whatever your age. 

If you think you have distortion in your sight please check by using the Amsler grid above. The grid on the left shows normal vision, the grid on the right shows vision when AMD is present. Cover one eye at a time and look straight at the black dot in the centre of the first grid. If any of the lines look wobbly or disappear, similar to the second grid, it is important you see an optician quickly as any visual problem needs to be addressed urgently.