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Childrens eye diseases

Southampton is established as one of only three dedicated eye movement clinics in the UK, receiving referrals from many other Hospitals.

An update on research

Southampton has established itself as one of the leading nystagmus research groups in the UK, led by Mr Jay Self, and now runs one of only three dedicated eye movement clinics in the UK receiving referrals from other UK hospitals.   At the start of Jay's work no nystagmus causing genes had been identified and few groups were looking at this particular eye disease.  Jay's research team have put together a short video explaining some of their current research.

Watch the video here.

Children's eye research in Southampton has been given a huge boost from a generous legacy.  Mrs M H Nicholas left her estate to be used to 'cure blindness' in children.

Because of her forethought we have been able to employ staff and purchase equipment to help current paediatric patients and to increase the speed with which research can be initiated. 
Her kindness will be remembered by us all.

Jay Self, who is both a clinician and an academic, leads the children's research team and his current projects are designed to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of diseases which particularly affect young children. If you would like to help Jay's work please donate to Gift of Sight using the dropdown arrow to locate 'Paediatrics'. 

For queries please contact Ailsa in the Gift of Sight office.  

For further details of the research undertaken by Mr Jay Self please see his University staff page.