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Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration

Wet macular degeneration is the most severe form of AMD. New blood vessels grow into the light sensitive tissue (the retina) and because they are fragile these blood vessels bleed and cause scarring and permanent loss of vision. Treatment with a new class of drugs called anti-VEGF agents can halt these blood vessels and prevent further damage. Around 90 % of patients see stabilization of vision and 30 % of patients see their vision recover. Prof Lotery says “It is wonderful to see patients regain sufficient vision to drive again."  Please be aware that even a few weeks delay in organising a visit to an eye specialist can lead to permanent visual loss.”

Signs of Wet AMD

Signs of Wet AMD include:

  • Sudden blurring of central vision
  • Distortion of vision e.g. the side of a door frame has a kink in it when it should be straight
  • Objects looking smaller or bigger than they should be

What to do if you think you have wet AMD

If you think you have wet AMD you need urgent medical assessment. You should either go to your local eye emergency department or see your family doctor urgently so you can be referred appropriately to a specialist AMD clinic.