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Professor Andrew Lotery

In 2004 Professor Andrew Lotery was one of a team of researchers who discovered the first gene to be linked to AMD. Professor Lotery and his research team in the University of Southampton collaborate with other research institutions in the hope that a cure, or improved treatment, will be found for AMD and other blinding retinal diseases within the foreseeable future.

With the help of your generous support our vision science research team is growing. We now have five senior scientists with their own groups training students and encouraging our amazing junior scientists to excel in their projects.

Please view Professor Lotery's University page to see details of research and papers published.

The aims of the vision research group are as follows:

  • To perform world class research to create better treatments and thus prevent blindness

  • To achieve this by attracting sufficient funding to allow the research to proceed quickly

  • To train the next generation of academic ophthalmologists and visual scientists

  • To disseminate our research findings in leading research journals

  • To work as a team to achieve these goals


Results of Gene Therapy Trial