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Ways you can help

Your contributions to Gift of Sight has enabled us to expand our vision research team in Southampton..
We very much appreciate our loyal supporters without whom we would find it difficult to continue our vital work. 

Your Direct debits, legacies and philanthropic gifts have enabled us to purchase state-of-the-art imaging equipment which helps both diagnose patients and inform research projects. 

The University of Southampton Income office is closed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Post cannot be accessed but donations to Gift of Sight may be made on-line or by telephone and will be processed normally. Thank you for your support in these challenging times.

By Cheque : After cornoavirus! The University post room is closed for staff safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When things are back to normal we'd love to hear from you. Please make your cheque payable to 'Gift of Sight' (and mention in your letter if you wish it to go to a particular fund) and post to

Gift of Sight, Development Office, Building 37, HighfieldSouthampton SO17 1BJ

We are happy to forward our Bank details if you would like to pay through BACS

We have four separate funds so that you may choose which speciality you wish to support

  • General fund - our main fund
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and Retinal fund
  • Corneal fund - specifically for front of eye research
  • Paediatric fund - specifically for children's eye research

Please be assured that all gifts mean a great deal to us.


By Telephone:

If you would like to pay by card over the telephone please call 023 8059 7239

One of our team will be delighted to speak to you.  Donations can be made to our general fund or to support retinal, paediatric or corneal research.


A Gift in Your Will

This is the most personal type of gift and, after ensuring that your family are cared for after your death, it would be wonderful if you could consider leaving Gift of Sight a bequest in your Will. 

A legacy is a gift from one generation to the next, by remembering Gift of Sight in your Will, yours could be creating better understanding and treatments for eye diseases. We can provide your Solicitor with the necessary details to ensure they have the correct information to include in your Will

Please help us to ensure long term support for our vital work in saving sight and protecting vision for future sufferers of eye conditions.

A recent legacy gift has enabled us to purchase state-of-the-art imaging equipment which will ensure speedy diagnosis of eye disease.  This is a huge benefit to patients.


Regular payments/Direct Debits

Making a regular gift via direct debit is a wonderful way to support charity appeals and enables us to look to the future in the knowledge that your kind gift is arriving in our account on a pre-determined date, helping to support our research projects. A new Direct Debit can be set up using our 'Donate' button.  Please telephone us on 023 8059 9073 if you would like us to send a direct debit form or email us on and we will pick up your message.

Payroll giving is also a great way to support Gift of Sight as it's a simple, tax efficient scheme which allows employees to give money to UK registered charities by having a deduction taken from their gross pay.  It would cost an employee who pays tax at the basic rate of 20% the sum of £8 to benefit us by £10.

If you would like to set up this type of donation please talk to your employer or payroll office and then just let us know that you will be helping us in this way.




Participating in an organised event


If you sign up to take part in an event (or organise your own) please do ask us for sponsorship forms or, even better, sign up and open a JustGiving page.

We will gladly support you and issue a branded polo or tee-shirt to make sure people know who you're helping.  Always happy to chat!



Charity of the Year

If you are a member of a Club which has fundraising capacity please nominate Gift of Sight as your charity of the year.


Grateful thanks to all staff at branches of Rawlings in Hampshire for their fundraising for Gift of Sight to celebrate their 150th anniversary.



Please nominate Gift of Sight to your local Asda, Sainsburys or Waitrose store.

Inclusion in community schemes raises awareness of our work as well as giving a huge boost to our funds.



Recycle your ink cartridges

We receive funds when you send your used ink cartridges to Recycle4Charity.  Bespoke envelopes can be provided - please phone us if you'd like us to send you some.



Milk top bottle recycling

Many thanks to all the people who save milk bottle tops on our behalf.

We receive £30 for every 500kgs of tops donated from GHS Recycling Ltd. who are always incredibly helpful.  The contents of an average bin liner weighs between 3-6kg.. 

GHS Recycling are happy to discuss collections in Hampshire as long as a minimum of 15 bin liners are filled with clean tops for each pick up. Please ensure each bin bag is labelled "Gift of Sight."

Grateful thanks to the team at Esso, Fawley who have also collected tops for many years as well as our other generous collectors.  This is not a huge money spinning way of fundraising but we feel that we are helping the environment as well as earning some funds to help our research.



Remember Someone Special

We are very grateful to all families and friends who decide to donate to help our research in lieu of flowers at the funeral when they are bereaved. Your kindness is very much appreciated and we are delighted to share the names of donors on our Memory page.  Memory gifts can be made using our 'Donate' button.

For further information please call 023 8059 9073 or email