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Trusts and Business Support

We are delighted to receive support from various businesses, Trusts and Foundations and our clinical colleagues who value the need for our vital eye research. We'd all like to see more people who suffer with devastating eye conditions retain their sight.

Sponsorship and donations received from companies make a huge impact on what we can achieve in our vision science laboratories.

We are pleased to acknowledge, thank and list below the names of some of our generous donors and supporters, including those who have asked not to have their names published. Your help is very much appreciated by everyone at Gift of Sight. 

Thank you:

Bluewater LogoThank you to Bluewater for supporting paediatric research in the vision science team. 

Thanks to the Trustees of The de Laszlo Foundation for ongoing support for Professor Andrew Lotery.


VitEyes Life in Sight logo Thank you to Butterflies Healthcare for your ongoing support for Gift of Sight events and your generosity shown towards our vision research team.


Thank you to the Southampton office of BDP Pitmans and to the Trustees of BDB Pitmans LLP Charitable Trust for generous support for our research studies.


Hendy Foundation supporting children's eye researchGrateful thanks to The Hendy Foundation for providing iPads to support children's eye research.




South Eye Care supporting fundraisingThanks to the team at South Eye Clinic for donations supporting children's eye research projects.


Delighted to receive support from Mr Andrew Luff and his team at Sapphire Eye Care. Grateful thanks for your ongoing help.


Anderson Eye Care logo  Our thanks to David Anderson, for all your fantastic work with eye patients and your ongoing support for our vision research team.


 Stephen Lash Eye SurgeryOur thanks to Stephen Lash and his team for ongoing care to patients and support in helping promote our vision research.

Are you a business that would like to support Gift of Sight? 

Whether you are a small local company in Hampshire, or large national organisation there are many ways you may be able to help support research into blinding eye diseases.

If you run a ‘Charity of the Year’ scheme we would be delighted to work with you to create a mutually beneficial partnership.  Looking for help with organising fundraising schemes? We would love to help you - please just get in touch.

Funding from Trusts and Foundations is hugely appreciated and helps our scientists continue their research, and purchase consumables and equipment for the vision science laboratories.

Payroll giving is another way that businesses are able to help us and we are grateful to employees who have 'signed up' to support our work.