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Legacies and Memories

Over two million people in the UK live with sight loss.

Gifts in memory of loved ones are invaluable in helping us continue our vital research. Leaving a gift in your will has the power to fund groundbreaking research to discover new treatments and save sight.

Thank you.

Your help can change the lives of future generations who are at risk of blindness.

If you are generously adding Gift of Sight as a beneficiary in your Will, bequests should be made to The University of Southampton Gift of Sight Appeal. 'Exempt Charity' (HMRC reference number X19140) under the terms of the Charities Act 2011.

Thank you.


We remember our Legacy donors

Mrs Sheila Ashworth, Mrs Gladys Aspery, Mr John C Austin, Mr Arthur Ayshford, Mr Malcolm E C Berrow  Miss Diana Beveridge, Mrs O J (Joan) Caldwell, Mrs Frances Croucher, Mrs Mahala (Micky) Curtis, Mrs Gillian Gordon-Davies, Mrs Olive Gore, Mr R C Hawkins, Miss Margaret Jones, Mrs M H Nicholas, Miss Margaret Parrett, Mr Bertie Raymond, Mrs W N Raymond, Mrs Mollie P Whatley, Mrs Eileen M Wilcocks, Mr Fred and Mrs Mary Wilson, Mrs Marjorie Zealander

Mrs Olive (Joan) Caldwell

Joan was a huge supporter of Gift of Sight and frequently made the trip from Guernsey to attend our events. Her exceptionally generous legacy has funded a significant growth in our research team, particularly supporting projects into age-related macular degeneration. A good friend to our fundraising and research teams her sense of fun and her kindness will remain with us all.

Mrs M H Nicholas

Children's eye research in Southampton was given a huge boost from a generous legacy from Mrs Nicholas. She left her estate to be used to cure blindness in children. Her forethought means we have been able to move our paediatric research forward. Her kindness will be remembered by us all

Mrs Winifred M Raymond

Our adult research projects received a huge boost from a legacy left to Gift of Sight by Mrs Raymond. This was an unrestricted gift, helping us to fund scientists working on vital research projects.

Fred and Mary Wilson

Fred and Mary were good friends to Gift of Sight. We enjoyed visits to their home and were very sad to learn of Mary's death, followed within a short time by the loss of Fred. We miss the contact with them but their generous bequest has enabled us to continue funding scientists to continue studies into age-related macular degeneration. 

We remember all these people for the support they gave us in their lifetime or from donations made in their memory by family and friends.



Mr Peter Kite, Mrs Anne Binns, Mr Brendan Daly, Mr Edward (Ted) Fitzgerald, Mrs Michele Linsell, Mrs May Marriner, Mrs J C (Cath) Pomeroy.


Anne Bickley, Mr John Burgess, Rev George Gebaur, Mrs Judy Moody, Fred and Gwen Stephens.


Mrs Margaret Abraham, Mrs Vera Blundell, Mr Anthony J Chennells, Sylvia Irene Copping, Mr Matt Dudley-Hunter, Mr Brian (Roy) Gover, Mrs Eileen Jupe, Mr Richard Kilford, Mrs Doris King, Mrs Kathleen Pellow.


Mr Rodney Bickley, Mr Ken Chopping, Rev John C. Clarke, Mrs Rosemary Clarke, Mr Charles Cruse, Mrs Mahala (Micky) Curtis, Mrs Betty Davis, Mrs Maria Kyprian, Mr Richard Lawes, Mrs Rene Matravers, Mr Philip Round, Mrs Inger Ruffell, Mr Peter Ward.               


Mrs Marjorie A Dymott, Mrs Rose A M Gardner, Mr Ernest Goddard,Mr Jason Robert Mair Smith, Mrs Phyllis Melhuish, Mrs Elizabeth (Betty) Packham, Mrs Frances (Kate) Reed, Mr Anthony (Tony) Rowthorn, Mrs Susan Symes, Mrs Gwendolyn Stephens, Mrs Mariantonia Scappaticci, Mr Paul Thorne, Miss Kathleen White.


Mrs Hazel Butler, Mrs Doreen S Cook,Mrs Queenie Cotton, Mrs Dorothy E Davies, Mr Ewart Hanniford, Mr John Mills, Mr Ralph Neale, Mr J & Mrs M Rachel, Margaret Stone, Mrs Andrea Wills.    


Mr Richard Adams, Mrs Marie-Luise Emilie Baker, Mr David Colin Barnes, Mrs Maisie Brickell, Mrs Jean Burgess, Mr Ralph Cook, Mrs E D (Dorothy) Clarke, Mrs Susan Corcoran, Mrs Gladys May Dagg, Mrs Betty Freeston, Mrs E D K (Kathleen) Gale, Mrs Ellen E Jones, Mr James Cull McGrand, Cdr William (Bill) Organ, Mrs Edna Waters, Mrs Mary Whitson.


Mr John Colin Austin,Mr Stanley W R Beavill, Mrs (Olive) Joan Caldwell, Mrs Patricia Freemantle, Mrs Rose Grant, Mr Patrick Hannifan, Mrs Annie Hawkins and Mr  Ronald Hawkins (2017), Mr W F (Bill) Munt, Mrs Nora Rosendale, Mrs Juliette Spiller, Mrs Doris Swanton.


Mr Roger G James, Mr Kenneth E Lamper, Mr John (Jack) McCarthy, Mr Bill Moger, Mrs Audrey Newman, Mr Eric Pardy, Mrs Margaret M Rowe,   Mr Geoffrey Salkeld, Mrs B E M Wells.


Mr Joseph A Atkinson, Mrs Betty Chopping, Professor Andrew Elkington, Mr Philip H G Errington, Mrs Sylvia Haywood, Mrs Jean E Jackson, Mrs Ivy Newman, Mrs Hilda Lily Painter, Mr Eric C Pardy, Mrs Olive May Probert, Mrs Dorothy Sayed-Ahmed, Mr John D Symes, Mrs Marjorie Wise.


Mr Malcolm Berrow, Mr Brian Beasley, Mrs June Crothers, Mr M H L Evans, Mrs Margaret George, Mrs Mary Hird, Mr Kenneth George Ilett, Mr Frank and Mrs Nancy Ketton, Mr Charles Le Moignan, Mrs Caroline Lotery, Mrs Hilda Misselbrook, Mrs Ethel Ann Yeates.


Mr Derek C Baldock, Mrs Margery Bizet, Mrs Joan Borkett, Mrs Ida R Chandler, Mrs Evelyn Joyce Ebdon, Mr Harry Hearley, Mrs Evelyn Irwin and Mr Isaac 'Jock' Irwin, Mr John H Lemmon, Mr Neville P Macey, Mrs Christine Marshall, Mrs Nina Newton, Mrs M Pilich, Mr Marshall Rodrigues, Mr Norman Rowe, Mrs Dorothy Woodhouse.


Mrs Mary Beasley, Mr Malcolm Berrow, Mrs Florence Betteridge, Mr D Boddy, Mrs Doris Fletcher, Mrs W E Hinton, Mrs D Jarvis, Mr David T Jones, Mr Raymond Marsh, Mr Alfred 'Kim' Mason, Mrs Doris 'Kit' Mason, Mrs Hermione Pickup, Mr Anthony Rixon, Miss Mildred Slaughter, Mr Thomas Frederick Stephens, Mr Simon Wrixon.


Mr C L Croucher, Mr Robert Draper, Mrs Gladys Fletcher, Mrs Irene Flooks, Mrs Norah Green, Mr Alan Jepson, Mrs Susan Knight, Mrs Mary S Lee, Mrs M P V Lines, Mr Arthur Page, Mr G Pontin, Mrs M G Tolley, Miss Eileen Topley, Mrs Mary Turner.