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Eye conditions

A short 'portrait' is given here on some eye diseases. If, however, you are experiencing any problems with your vision please contact your GP or Optician as a matter of urgency.

They will make a referral to a hospital eye clinic if this is necessary.

The research team are looking into developing treatments for various common and rare blinding eye diseases. We are currently actively researching in the following areas: 

Age-related macular degeneration
Corneal eye research
Children's eye conditions
Other retinal diseases 


It is important to look after your eyes and have regular check ups at the opticians to catch the early onset of any infections or diseases. Any changes in your vision should not be ignored, as often the earlier treatments are begun, the more likely you are to retain your vision. Visit  'Eye Health' for an understanding of how the eye works, tips for checking your vision and links to helpful support groups.