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In 1994 the Eye Unit moved from Bedford Place to a newly built facility at Southampton General Hospital. The space has now increased in size and approximately 100,000 outpatients are seen each year, many of whom are having eye conditions managed with current drugs. Clinics throughout the UK are struggling to keep up and new treatments and therapies are urgently needed.

Southampton eye unit sign Gift of Sight raises funds to support vital eye research, undertaken in The University of Southampton. The Appeal, as we now know it, was launched in 2004 and run under the banner of Wessex Medical Trust. We moved in 2006 to the University of Southampton where laboratories and offices are provided for the research team and office space and support for the fundraisers. Gift of Sight logo with green eye and grey outline Patients in the Southampton area can benefit due to our participation in clinical trials, as well as being under the care of some clinicians who also undertake academic research.

 Generous philanthropic gifts, including Legacies and Direct Debits, have enabled a growth in the number of staff employed in the vision science team.

Our scientists are very grateful to all donors and supporters, both past and present, for the generous gifts of time, enthusiasm and financial support for vital research projects. They are also active in fundraising themselves!

To view photographs of some of our recent fundraising events please see our 'Fundraising Gallery Page'

Details of forthcoming events are listed on our 'News and Events' page.